Junubin are getting used to rebellion and entertainment industry is not spared either from rebellion as the Award-winning female singer Awien Richard better known as Tutu Baibe who was signed to Rockstar Record rebelled last year.

Tutu left Rockstars without notifying the CEO, Sam Bosco and started organising shows with the knowledge of the company which violated the contract she had with Rockstars.

It is alleged that she left Rockstars for a rival promotion company, K2 promotion Company but felt out with the company over artist mismanagement.

A source at Rockstars, says that Tutu had issues known only to herself because she left the company and started doing things by herself.

“Tutu is under Rockstar but she had issues known to herself because sometimes she has been working with other labels because of her football concert. So when the person she has entrusted to organise her concert abandoned her she had no choice but to come back to her family right now we have taken over her concert, it’s on,” the source said.

Tutu rose to fame when she started topping charts in 2015 while in Juba and she has never stopped doing what she does the best – SINGING.