By: Mandela Nelson Denis

After rocking the airwaves across South Sudan with songs like acak cak and football, award-winning female diva Tutu Baibe has bounced back to the music scene with new album Bai-Riak.

Bai-Riak is local dialect in Dinka meaning the country is messed up or spoilt. The song explains how things have gone out of control in the country but still stressing hope.

Bai-Riak is out of Tutu Baibe’s own experience of taking care of over fifty school going girls across the country but no one is coming to support her.

“We have turned our back against our own people, we no longer render support to each other as we used to back in the days,” said Tutu

According to Tutu, there are hundreds of children on the streets across the county and have been ignored but she believes it is the responsibility of every citizen.

“Making South Sudan a better place is everyone’s role and the pain of seeing children on the street should be felt by everyone,” she said.

Tutu Baibe further explained that every South Sudanese should be concerned about the country and devise means on how to make things better.

Bai-Riak comes at the time when Tutu Baibe is planning to do a fundraising event for her foundation with the hope of gathering resources to support the children.

Currently, Tutu Baibe is paying school fees for over fifty young girls and a boy between the age of five to eighteen in Juba and across the country.

After realizing how influential she was, Tutu is now making good use of her talent to support the underprivileged children in South Sudan.

The five-year conflict in the country has led to an increase of children on the streets to fend for themselves.