South Sudan’s former deputy minister of defence, Dr Majak Agot is facing an abrupt deportation to Sudan according to his family members in the US, in an order bearing the signatures of the President Donald Trump’s new homeland security chief John F Kelly.

The order, according to Dr Agot’s immediate family members detailed that he leaves the United States within 48 hours to “his home country of Sudan” or “risk being forced by the federal security agencies unprepared and without any belongings”.

“Yes, the former minister was served with a letter on Sunday night by men wearing civilian uniforms travelling in black unmarked utility vehicles. he told us that the letter requested him to first try to travel back to Sudan first on his own willing. failure to do so within 48 hours will force the agencies to come and collect him” – a source within the family refused to be named to protect the privacy of Dr Majak disclosed the information to this paper.

United States’ new president Donald Trump recently issued an executive order demanding that “all the illegal aliens be deported to their home countries”. the executive order also specifically banned the citizens of Iran, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and Libya from travelling to the US or illegally stays in the country. Dr Majak was believed to have been seeking asylum in the US since last year. He’s holding a green card that he acquired while in the US. He was also believed to have sought assurances from the previous Obama administration that he stays in the US on political ground “fearing prosecution” in South Sudan. The Obama administration then accelerated his document issuing process giving him temporary stays.

Donald Trump administration still considers South Sudan as part of Sudan and therefore included in the “7 terrorist sponsoring list of countries” he has so far banned.

via JubaGossip