Sometimes when things go hard, Dog eats a dog is the norm and the current economic crisis in the country is forcing people into being leeches.

True African magazine founder Husna Shanty is a bitter woman with bitter words for a former musician, Lam Tungwar and his close associate, Tripple X.

Husna has accused the two of stealing and being greedy. she alleges that Lam and Triple took Talent Search South Sudan and made theirs sidelining her.

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In a social media post, she blasted the two of being greedy village boys.

“It takes a village to raise a child” I believed in this African quote not until I took my kid to a village full of greedy people. TSS ( Talent Search South Sudan) is my baby I will raise him on my own one day.
# heartless human beings…..May God return everything they took from others
I MISS MY BABY TSS”, she posted

She even suggested Pres. Salva Kiir fires Lam Tungwar, accusing him of corruption and greed.

Talent Search South Sudan was a television music competition in South Sudan, broadcast on Southern Sudan Television in 2012. The show was produced by the South Sudan Artists Association and Talent 5 and sponsored and Vivacell Mobile.