A new hangout joint for the ‘hommies’ and ‘homlets’ will soon open in Juba.

The lucrative joint located at Tong Piny area, near the airport will be the new addition to the nightlife of Juba city.

Club 64 is the name, and it is owned by Bol Sultan, the founding Director of Jubawood Entertainment, and current chief judge at Talent Search season4.

Triple X, as he is commonly known, once contemplated on opening a club that would host concerts for artists.

He also had said the club would be the central hangout joint for any artist in town. It is not clear whether this is the club he dreamt of.

It appears the club is being established in partnership with others. Triple X wrote on his facebook profile:

“Our new nightclub called Club 64, two floors, will be launched this month. We started from bottom but my whole team here.”