Juba hosts several nightclubs such as The Nest, Beduoin, Club Signature and many others where revellers are guaranteed to have a good time.

However, there is nothing as discomforting as the biting hangover that you wake up with in the morning after a long night of partying like a champion.

Many revellers, however, have different tricks they use to ‘cure’ their hangovers. Some have been proven to work among some people while others are simply hogwash.

In Juba, youthful revellers who take alcohol also have their own set of remedies which they argue help them get rid of hangovers.

‘Open the head’
This method which is definitely not unique to Juba revellers involves drinking a little alcohol in the morning following a night of binge drinking.

Those who subscribe to this method argue that ‘Opening the head’ which simply means you handle the Devil like the Devil he is.

The problem with this method is that many of those who go to ‘open the head’ end up getting drunk and the cycle starts all over again.

2. Drinking peppered  ‘shurba’
There is a group of Juba youth that will tell you that a visit to your favorite shurba joint does the trick.

You ends up getting relieved and sweating like you just got off a intensive jogging.

Sleep, drink and stroll
This involves sleeping for the good part of the day following a night of heavy drinking. Upon waking up, take a bottle of water and stroll around the estate.

By the time you are going back to the house, they say, the hangover has left you.