A policeman has killed his colleague over a drink in Geria County, authorities in Torit State have told Eye Radio.

On Tuesday evening, Opera James, the would-be victim, returned home from his farm.

The 35-year-old joined his drinking buddies at their favorite joint.

According to the state police, James sipped the local brew from another group’s table, leading to a quarrel.

“That group members questioned how James could take a sip from people that are not his age mates,” said David Kamilo, the investigation officer in Torit.

In the heat of the moment, Dominic Okeny hit James in the head with a baton, leaving him in a comma.

“Domic knocked James seriously on the head, causing him to collapse,” Kamilo added.

James later died upon arrival at a hospital.

Okeny, 29, is currently being held by the authorities over the killing.

Via Eye Radio