Members of parliament in Torit State are requesting that the 40,000-dollar car loan given to each national law-maker recently be extended to them as well.

The move had drawn criticism from the public given the fact that this was done amidst the economic crisis in the country.

According to MPs who received the loan, the money will be repaid in the next three years through deduction of their salaries.

“On behave of the parliament, we request that this bonus should also be extended in the state. This is very important,” said Hon Offis Asada, the Speaker of Torit State Assembly.

He said the initiative should also be replicated in the states.

Hon Asada said they are ready to face the same deduction.

“After all it’s a loan; not free and we are ready to abide by the laws of reduction,” he stressed.

Hon. Asada was speaking during a public gathering organized by Torit State government.

Via Eye Radio