The army should apologize for crimes it has committed against civilians, particularly women, says the SPLA Deputy Chief of Defense Forces for Finance.

Several reports by the UN and humanitarian groups suggest that some SPLA soldiers have killed unarmed civilians and raped women and girls since the outbreak of the conflict in 2013.

General Johnson Juma Okot said the army should accept its mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

“If we are not doing it perfectly, it is our ultimate responsibility now as liberators to come and apologize to our women,” he said.

“There is no shame in that. We must come down and kneel to our women and say that we have wronged you.”

“You deserve all our apologies and we need to dialogue and accept where we have gone wrong.”

Gen Juma made the remarks during a consultation between the National Dialogue Steering Committee and the security organs in Juba over the weekend.

via Eye Radio