The Vice President for Economic Cluster Dr. James Wani Igga has blamed the country’s officials for rampant corruption in the country saying it is one of the factors behind the South Sudan economic crisis.

“Corruption in many of our institutions by the top officials of those institutions has put the country’s economy in bad situation; corruption is an enemy to any economy, it is sad to note that the top officials are the most corrupt,”

Dr. Igga made the statement during a one day workshop organized by the Economic Crisis Management Committee to discuss the reforms in the economic sector on Monday in Juba.

He said due to the rampant corruption in the country the entire government is generating only 1.5billion South Sudanese Pound from non-oil revenue collection in a month which he said was not totally true.

“The entire government pitifully in every month used to get only 1.5 billion South Sudanese Pound but of recent when we formed the Sub Committee on non-oil revenue collection and just after some small reforms made in some institutions, we are able to realize three billion South Sudanese Pounds that is telling us there is rampant corruption,”

He said in order for South Sudan to avoid such crisis in the future, there is a need to renew and revise the economic policy in the country saying that a real system was needed to be put in place to monitor officials’ conduct and expose their wrongdoing.

“Constructing an overall transparency model in all operations to minimize inappropriate behavior that is the only thing that can take away the dilemma in our system,”

He said if management encourages god atheism in the workplace or does not respond to crimes promptly and decisively, corruption will thrive in the organization.

However, he encouraged all the Economic Ministerial and Commissions clusters to distance themselves away from the wrongdoing saying doing the right thing at right place will be the only way forward for the country to be economically powerful.

Juba Monitor