They say a good husband is one who is able to make his wife happy and I agree with that. Men should always be there for their wives or girlfriends or families no matter what. But of late, that’s not the case; most women go for money and having a “good tool” is an added advantage.

There is nothing that captures the interest of a woman more than a round-table debate over which man is great or finest. I asked a question on which South Sudanese tribes make good husbands and the response was hilarious though I was shocked Moro were nowhere on the list yet I thought they were the most hardworking and romantic men. Well, below are the top five South Sudanese tribes that make good husbands.

1. Mundari

They are friendly, loving and caring. Mundari men are said to be very industrious and hardworking. They will do anything to ensure their wives and girlfriends are happy. They are known to be blessed ‘downstairs’ and that make the bedroom champions.
2. Shilluk

They are spendthrifts. Shilluk are extremely romantic, educated and generous. They treat their girlfriends and wives with much respect more than any other tribe in the country. They are also protective.
3. Bari

This Equatoria based tribe are very romantic when it comes to lovemaking. They are regarded as the best lovers, hardworking, kind and generous.Arguably the best men in bed, their community has seen a lot of intermarriages and their women never cheat on them.
4. Dinka

They are simple, hardworking and generous. Just like their Shilluk counterparts, Dinka are spendthrifts.A Dinka man will work hard just to make his girlfriend or happy. They are not stingy.
5. Nuer

Social, strong and hardworking just like their Dinka neighbors. They treat their women well and having a “good tool” gives them an advantage over their counterparts from Central Equatoria.