Juba is synonymous with “weekend”, a Jubans version of non-stop partying. The city is known of its heat & hustles and a night of dancing (twerking).  Popping bottles is what most of us need but for others its “zhaman ta take away”. While Juba isn’t known of having many modern state of art night clubs, the emerging Juba night life is making club owners build or renovate old night joints to state of art night clubs. So here is the list of top 5 night clubs in Juba.


5.De’havana Lounge


The club is located in Hai Amarat next to Logali House. It’s the only club packed to the gate on Sundays courtesy of SS Entertainment, so if u want to wild out on a Sunday, it’s the place to be. It has a small dance floor and Shisha spot next to the DJs’ stand.

Its has sizzling music which plays till early hours of the morning. De’havana offers one of the best pizzas in Juba (try it out to believe).


4.Nile Secret Lounge


Located along Airport Road near American Embassy’s residence, Nile Secret has a slogan of “Keep it Secret” so shits that happen there are secretive, take it from me.

Having a small space the management utilizes it but has a stunning décor inside the lounge where some of the greatest alcoholic brand are served.

The lounge is fitted with ACs incase the alcohol level in your body is heating up and that’s cool. They also offer pizza and chips




Galaxy is located along Tombura Road off Juba University Road. You will definitely love its stylish and extravagant interior décor and lighting and when the music does the talking you are left with option of drinking.

Like most clubs in Juba, Galaxy is secured by police officers at the entrance.


2.Mask and Bistro


Mask is located along Ministry’s Road near KCB Bank (Buluk Branch) and it’s the busiest open air club in Juba.

The incredible and energetic crowd on the dance floors will leave your mouth agape!

The open air club has DJs who make u want to dance till morning, so if u are into dancing then mask it, where girls shake em bam bam intriguing men to join the dance floor.

Mask offers one of the best Shishas in town. So for the Shisha lovers, Mask is where it goes down.

It has what it takes for memorable nights… and early mornings.


1.Club Signature


Located at Nyakuron Cultural Center, Club Signature is one of a kind with its sophisticated and luxurious ambience disco lights and the marvelous music choice by the DJs, your body can’t resist vibrating when the mix master gets on the turntable.

The club has a spacious parking space and fitted with two bars stocked with some of the best brands of the world and the pricing is not what everyone can afford. It has two lavish VIP lounges.

The club is frequented by upper class, expats, and corporate.

The security at signature is tight with CCTVs all over the club.