The rap game  in South Sudan is pretty lame. People are saying that it’s full of clowns ruining it.

We’re not sure about that, but we are sure about the 5 wackest in the game. Here they are!


At No.5 is The former member of Holyland crew, LMG.His flow and lyrics will make your ears bleed as his flow is more like ur Boy Bangz.

4. Shanty Man

Juba University Music professor is surprisingly on the list. He is comical when it come to music and that’s why he decided to venture into standup comedy.

3. 2Mark

I don’t know how DVA Awards thinks he deserves being awarded the best hip-hop artist of the year while his flow and lyrics are so ‘eefedup.

2.Ur Boy Bangs

Who doesn’t know the “take u to the movie” sensational star.


1.Rapper Riak

I think nobody beats Riak when it comes to wack music in the world, he owns wack music. He is an internet Celebrity. When he raps you can barely hear his word and the videos are fucking hilarious