Music industry is a very competive ground where talent is tested and some musicians can’t survive the competition and the hustle that is involved in the industry.

There are some celebrities who just disappeared for reasons best known to them, HIJ recently made a research on the musicians who disappeared from the limelight and what they are currently upto.

We compiled top 5 musician who chucked the limelight.

Queen Zee

Queen Zee

1.Queen Zee

The first lady Queen Zee was last seen two years ago, after she shot a music video and had a concert in Western Equatoria town of Yambio after which she mysteriously disappeared from the entertainment scene, HIJ investigative team later learned that she is behind Juba Main Prison walls for allegedly being involved or suspected of being involve in the high profile case of the murder of former police IGP’s son.



2. Manasseh Mathiang

The renown gospel artist, who shot to stardom while in Kenya, he just disappeared from the limelight after he relocated back to Juba, since then he never appeared in the entertainment limelight, a close source to Manasseh disclosed to us that he is doing business and peace compaigns currently in Juba.

He runs events management and entertainment company.


3. Lam Tungwar

Lam Tungwar

Born on 27 of august 1983 in Kalja village of Bentiu, Unity State. Lam Tungwar released his single called ‘Child Soldier’ with a book with the same name and thats when he made headlines in the music scenes but few years back Lam Tungwar mysteriously dropped the mic and our team found out that for the last 3 years he has been busy doing business on behave of Bros Company which manages Nyakuron Cultural Center and lobbying for political position which he finally achieved when he got appointed as state Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture.

He is currently in USA on a leadership scholarship.


4. Original Ras Korby


If you are a Junubi and love reggae music then you must have collections of Origanal Ras Korby albums, the veteran Junubi reggae papa, was a household name before he disappeared from the music scene in Juba, he was involved in a lot of projects to bring unity and love the youth of the country.

Sources in Juba say that the veteran reggae musician relocated to Europe where his family stays.

5. Nancy Chan


Nancy Chan was the beautiful voice who  who represented South Sudan during the 5th season of Tusker Project Fame. After the TPF Nancy released a few songs including ‘Welede’ which is her most popular song and disappeared.

Our sources say Nancy who is a daughter of the speaker of the council of states Joseph Bol Chan went to Kenya for further studies. She is said to be doing her studies at prestigious United States International University in Nairobi.