They came, saw and conquered with their debut singles before disappearing into thin air never to be heard again. We are well aware of one-hit wonders all over the world and South Sudan is no exception.

With the ever-evolving local music industry there is no denying that the competition has widened and in order for any artist to remain relevant in the game, he/she needs to up their game.

Whether these artists run out of ideas or the inspiration to write music just dies, today many are left wondering what happened to them after a good start with massive tunes.

Below is a list of some of South Sudanese musicians who just disappeared from the limelight. Although some tried to make a comeback, we all can relate to them based on that one song they did.

Listed from A-Z


Singer Aboy

Let me start by dropping lines in his song…..“Isim bitaki munu? Arabi Mafi. inta jay min? I am not getting you sire”.

A-Boy’s Arabi Mafi hit was one of the trending songs in 2015. A-Boy performed Arabi Mafi in many shows and got a big recognition in the music industry, but unfortunately, the singer when silent and never came out with a hit song as expected by his fans.

Bobby Pin

The South Theater Academy Award-winning, Bobby Pin was known for the hit song, Jump featuring Mosety. they were the baddest music crew dubbed Bump Boyz in Nairobi between 2015-16. Bobby came out with a new single entitled “Jealousy” which fans perceived as a diss track against Mc Ghetto, since then, the dancehall South Sudanese Nairobi based artist disappeared in the music industry.


Back in 2013-16 Black queen was one of the female promising artist. She was known for her single “Tic Ni Ro” meaning “Come Closer” and Halawa (sweet) which she recorded in 2015. She won best RnB artist of the year in 2016’s South Theatre Academy Award.

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According to sources close to Black Queen, she has relocated to Ethiopia specifically Gambella Region in 2017 which led to her disappearance in the industry.


When it comes to Hip Hop nobody beats Lual. He’s known for his energetic flow and witty punchlines. In 2016 LUAL announced joining forces with veteran singer Mr. Lengs to form a new band called Lsquare. Apparently, Lsquare is derived from their names LUAL and Lengs. But since then Lual is nowhere to be seen in the industry.


Neetah Beibe’s music was hitting in 2016 when she got nominated at Eye Radio and MTN Music Award and all of sudden she was impregnated by a lad working at South Sudan US embassy as a driver and since then Neetah has disappeared from the limelight.ere to be seen.