2019 has been a great year for some musician in the industry. Their songs show a great sign of improvement in the creative space. This is seen in their creative visuals and eloquent audio. Their lyrics are also worth applauding. These songs have been creatively written to suit the entertainment needs of the growing South Sudanese audience. Some of the notable names in the music scene that have made an impact include John Frog- with his “guondorised” style, Single Dee -with his melodici R&B and the emotional lyrics, Nyaruach -with her controversial but very entertaining songs.

Here are 10 top songs that defined 2019.

1. John Frog Guondo Sakit


2. Lady Kola – Mata Futu

3. Single Dee Broken

4. Hardlife Avenue Stars – She Wants Me No More

5. Navy Boy – Ana Junubi

6. Lady Kola – Dugu Kas

7. YMO – Beautiful South Sudan 

8. Trey David X Kingtroup Pimo X Lushy Kay – Juba Confidential

9. DJ Cent Num – Bet Mara

10. J Yang – Don’t Go