Facebook is the most used social media platform not only in the world but also in South Sudan with an increased number of South Sudanese joining the platform.

This made Facebook a perfect platform for public figures, content creators, and entrepreneurs to showcase and be in contact with their followers.

Many page have over the years struggled to get followers while for some it’s has been a smooth ride.

One of these pages is Mama Amira page owned by the controversial Amira Ali based in the United States. In just few months Amira got nearly 130K likes, making her page the fastest growing South Sudanese page on Facebook. She is also among the most followed South Sudanese on Twitter with 43K followers.

Today, we have compiled the list of the most liked South Sudanese pages of 2020.

  1. Luol Deng – 663.7K
  2. Oasis Camp – 390.7K
  3. Ross Kitenge – 246.6K
  4. Juba TV – 180.7K
  5. Slate Nation – 156.2K
  6. Hot in Juba – 151.8K
  7. Mama Amira – 145.9K
  8. UNICEF South Sudan – 136.7K
  9. Amira Ali – 136K
  10. Juba Eye – 130K