We all know its only in South Sudan where almost every body claims to be a musician not only that but some with only few common words in there lips such as “watagwan, bomboclat, mo faya, burn dem haters, king of di Dancehall, blow dem and badder den dem. With only these few words you call yourself a Dancehall artist but hell nawww! Here is the list of our real Dancehall artists if you missed in the list then you might be in the top 20. Here we go!

#1. Sisse

He is the current Danchall champion and the DVA award Dancehall artist of the moment. He has hits like Gallis Party, Junubian Gal among others all released in 2014 and this year.

#2. Kawaja Revolution

He has been rocking the airwaves from South Sudan to overseas for his most popular hit “African Style” Now boasting 100,000 + views on YouTube and currently he is working on his latest music video “Dula Ngaya”, we hope to see it coming great.

#3. MT7

This dude is the hit maker of “Medina” if you haven’t heard this then you totally know nothing about Junubin music. He is one the best on the list.

#4. Rover D & Dr Kiss

The two strong dudes are members of Ghetto Survivors Music group. These brothers are rocking Eye Radio Music charts every year. This year their hit “Novida” is the reason as to why every one wanna taste Novida non-alcoholic drink.

#5. Rocky J

Asasia ta Sokol Wosulu is also one of the baddest Dancehall artists of all times. He recently dropped his new song, walahi if you hear this you’re gonna say this is what you been looking for all times though the singer looks like a sukuruji but what he got is another case.
#6. Nesty Beibe

Also known as “Affande Di Dancehall King”, this brother is one of the fastest rising stars He came to limelight last year after taking his award as a most promising artist of the year 2014 of City FM in Juba. He has also various hit songs of which you would definitely get addicted to after listening to one, just like “Juba Gal A Whine”. His lyrics are fluent and clear for even nas abuba and yaba to understand easily.

#7. Yogo Man

He is now Junubin best Patwa speaker, his rhymes and flow is orginally from Gaza,Jamaica. He is all you can think now when you are in bar junction because his songs are almost everywhere in Juba like the hot heat from the sun heating river Nile like. If you haven’t listened to one of his songs just follow our SoundCloud account at JubaTV.

#8. Macco Bwoy

The Dancehall hit maker straight from Nairobi, this dude is another case. After he rocked the Country from Juba to Khartoum via Nairobi with his hit song “Sudanese Gal’ he went on hiding but we got no idea of where he was, may be he was somewhere enjoying the earnings from his video in Nairobi but recently in an interview with one of our blogger he said that he is planning to bomb the air waves once again with another track we are anxiously waiting for that is if it will really replace the fame of “Sudanese Gal”.

#9. Emma 47

Zol Batal Entertainment Music founder won Eye Radio as a Most promising artist of 2014. This is the guy behind the song “Zol Batal” check him out and enjoy his chune. Also he did various collabos with a lot of upcoming artists such as John Frog, 50 D and many more, check him out in Juba and have a cup of tea when he comes around don’t worry about his name because he is one of the coolest artists now.

#10. Jack Pro

Popularly known for his hit song “Muhaba Ma Be Gurus” which he featured Princess Golda on, he is also the current assistant manager of Stars Avenue Recording Studio in the Country which has currently produced most of the hit songs so far under Producer Kamba De Baddest.


By Bontolon (Juba TV)