Higher education is the rock/foundation of a nation’s growth. We have so many tribes in South Sudan and not all of them are interested in education. Education is very necessary for a nation, without the people being educated, who will have the chance to take over from leaders who are in higher positions in the country.
A country where the young ones are not educationally sound, where will they end up? South Sudan as a
country, has high illiteracy rate, education is one of the top priorities as many parents now force some of their kids to go to school, those who do not have are ready to borrow. This brought up this post on the top 10 most educated tribes in South Sudan.
Many times, they a say a man’s status in the society is not only measured by wealth but also measured
by the range of academic qualification he/she has. There have been so many arguments about the most
educated tribes in South Sudan, many say it’s the Madi, other says it’s the Dinkas. But this article will help you put your mind to rest, as our reasons here for rating these tribes as the most educated will be briefly explained.
Top 10 most educated tribes in South Sudan

  1. Madi: I know a lot of you will argue with me because of this. Actually, that is the truth,
    you can’t enter an educated Madi man’s house and see or find that his children are not
    educated. It is not possible when we talk about the Madi people, a majority of them are
    educated folks, that is why mostly you see them on every high seat in the country. Madi’s is
    one tribe that impress me a lot in the aspect of education, they pressurized their children in
    going to school and most times up to a higher degree level when they can afford it. We have
    so many popular politicians, poets, writers, and journalist who are Madi.
  2. Dinka: I know lots of people will get angry for putting the Dinkas at the number two spot.
    Now lets talk about them. Dinkas are one of the most populated tribes today and when it comes to education many push them aside saying a Dinka is only good in terms of starting a war. I know lots of Dinkas who are topping the charts in terms of education and they have built companies and own large properties in the country. Do you know that most government institutions are headed by Dinkas, I know you will tell me it is because money is involved, but it’s a lie without the right education they would not get to that level. So now you will have to agree. With me they deserve to be in the number two spot.
  3. Bari: If they are one of the most employed by most NGOs in the country and if they are not on the list of the top educated tribes in South Sudan, then they are not doing well. Yes the Bari’s made it to the top 3 list. We have lots of educated Bari’s in this country South Sudan. Many believe the Bari’s are into farming alone, when the truth is that they are also many of them who are educated in the country. We always have them at the high ranking posts in South Sudan, so what do
    you think?
  4. Shilluk: The Shilluk people are the number 4 on the list, they are also one of the educated tribes in the country. They are good in terms of education, academically they are stable and they also do well. Their state is filled up with academically individuals, many do not believe that the Shilluk people are educated, because they are among the minority in the country, but they are.
    5. Kuku: The Kuku people top the No 5 on this list of the most educated tribe in South Sudan. Go to a Kuku family and see if he does not have a son or daughter who is a lawyer, actually feel it’s a joke, well its absolutely true. With their nature of dominating the Western Equatoria state region, they now send their children to school, in fact, they do everything possible to make sure that
    their children are in school.
  5. Nuer: We all know the Nuer when it comes to the oil jobs, they always want to be in that position. Nuer tribes are also educated people they hold big positions in different companies. The Nuer are known for their involvement in the crude oil in the country, so I believe when they send their children to school, they offer a course that fits this range so that they can also work and focus on that part of the industry. The Nuer are said to have given out a lot and receive small in return, I guess through education they will be able to make a great change and positive effects on the
    8. Acholi: We really do not see these people as educated folks, but I bet you they are. Even with their funny intonation or accent, they love going to school. If you have actually seen an Acholi family before, you will know what am talking about. I know many of you do feel the Acholi people are not worth being on this list for some reasons but I bet you they are. I know lots of educated folks who are Acholis and they are actually good when it comes to that.
    9. Mundari: The Mundaris are also tapping these charts, although they are not populated in the country, they are also topping the charts. The Mundaris hails from Jubek State, so they are also known as people with rich culture and beliefs and their lives revolve around cows.
    10. Murle: These people actually border Ethiopia, they are not populated so they are not
    widely known. The Murle people are also set of educated individuals. When you see a Murles
    family, you must at least have seen a person who is educated then.
    In conclusion, we have almost 64 tribes in  South Sudan, there are also many tribes you do not know about.
    So as you can see, it was very difficult and necessary for us narrowing this list down to the top 10 most educated tribes in South Sudan. All of these was as a root of through research and findings. I know some arguments have been made here, but when you also do your research, you can see that ours are true