The government of Tonj State has embarked on a process of rehabilitating street children in the state capital Tonj.

The state government on Wednesday launched a program that aims at registering the street children to ensure that all the street children, just like other children living with their families, are given opportunities to get shelter and other services.

Tonj’s Minister of Gender and Social Development, Mabil Ater, said the number of homeless children has increased in the area.

“Last time I was told that the number was around sixty. That sixty is not the actual number, it can rise and it can reduce and when we are going to register them and give them shelter they will come back,” he said.

He further said the street children without parents will be the only ones to be accommodated in the rehabilitation center, while the other street children with be reunited their parents.

The minister urged international NGOs to support the program.

Tonj County Commissioner Philip Baszia stressed that the street children should receive good services because they are part of the future generation in South Sudan.