In recent months, the city of Juba has witnessed increased robberies in the hands of motorcycle-riding-handbag-snatching thugs now infamously known as Toronto Boys.

The recent one being the unfortunate case where an expectant mother of 6 months was pulled off moving Boda-Boda. The incident left the mother of two in coma for a week before she passed on with her unborn baby, leaving her two other kids orphans.

The incident shocked the country and left many citizens asking unanswered questions.

Another gruesome incident of “Toronto Boys” is of a young man who was pulled off a Boda-Boda causing an accident that resulted to one of his eyes being removed.

Though the police has cautioned public to be extra careful with their valuables while riding on Boda-Bodas, the cases of Toronto Boys daylight robberies have continued to spike by day in Juba.

Talk of Juba / Hot in Juba has compiled the following few tips that may help Jubans minimise the loss of lives and valuables at the hand of heartless “Toronto Boys.”

1. Avoid at all times the use of mobile phone when riding on a Boda-Boda. Your life is more precious then the few minutes phone call or text that could be the cause of your death. You can use your phone when you have arrived at your safe destination

2. Always place your handbags, backpacks and other valuables on your laps when on Boda-Boda. Do not hold them on the side or on your back as this may place them at the right position where Toronto Boys can easily snatch them.

3. Don’t use your mobile phone while standing by the road side while waiting for Boda-Boda, if necessary, make sure you’re careful and be on watch out for speeding motorcycles coming towards you.

4. Always be ware of speeding motorcycle that’s carrying two young men as Toronto Boys are always two on one Boda-Boda.

5. When on a public service vehicle or private vehicle, make sure your window is not opened or if necessary make sure you don’t use your phone or place your handbag, backpack and valuables next to the window if you’re seated next to the window.

6. For expensive wig/weave wearing women, be careful at all times when riding a Boda-Boda or in public transport vehicle or private car. Toronto Boys snatch weaves/wig which causes accidents.

7. Do not hold onto your valuable that has been snatched by Toronto Boys as this may cause your Boda-Boda to fall down and cause accident which may result to fatal injuries.

8. Never open your car window to people that pose as beggars in traffic jam. Some of these people are thieves and will snatch your valuables once you roll down your car window to hand them money.

9. Never give a stranger a lift, thugs sometimes masquerade as stranded people asking for a lift and later steal valuables in the car when alighting.

10. Never leave your valuables like money, mobile phones, backpacks or laptops on car seats when its packed and if your car isn’t tinted. Place them where they’re not seen in the car. Thieves break car windows to steal any valuable they have seen placed on the seat.

Bonus: If you have been robbed or an attempt made on you, try to see the Boda-Boda number plate and report the incident to police.