A senior traffic police officer has said the crackdown on tinted car windows is also meant to prevent some motorists from hiding other people’s wives in the backseats.

“It is not just traffic problems-[but it is] because people are hiding a lot of things there including guns, daughters or wives of people and nobody knows,” the Assistant Inspector-General of Traffic Police – General John Juol told Eye Radio in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

His statements come amidst an intensified crackdown on vehicles with tinted windows – a move opposed by some members of the public who refer to it as unreasonable since no law supports it.

Many car windows come with “factory tint” which protects windows from heat from the sun.

Mr Juol – rejected these claims, saying people are using this defend themselves.

“The owners are saying that this tinted glass comes from the manufacturers. Normal glasses are in the market and a lot of people have changed them.”

He argued that in as much as it is the right of the manufacturers to make tinted cars, it is also the right of the government to do what it deems is right.

However, members of the public have questioned the order which they say is not stipulated in the traffic act of 2003.

They also say that the imported vehicles are cleared by various government institutions, including the traffic department at the Nimule border.

Despite this, some motorists have been reportedly harassed, intimidated and even assaulted by the traffic cops who demand bribes.

One of the motorists, Bosco Ochan describes to Eye Radio his ordeal in the hands of traffic police officers over the weekend

Mr Ochan said despite showing his papers from the bureau of standard, certifying that his car good for use in the country, he was stopped by the traffic police and had his logbook, and car key confiscated.

“On Sunday, I was stopped by traffic police and they actually took both my logbook for the vehicle I was driving and my driving license…”

Ochan is not the only victim, but so many members of the public have encountered similar scenarios since the crackdown was launched recently.