The most Contentious and wanted ox by two sub-clans of Ber and Pakam sections is reportedly stolen on Tuesday night at the lakes state Governor’s residence a building that is having a wall fence of three meters long.

According to police spokesperson Captain Elijah Mabor Makuace the thief jump in over the wall fence at the state house around 3 am and cut the main gate with hark saw while security guards were asleep.

Makuach attributed the incident as a security failure in the governor’s house, saying that seven soldiers who were on duty on the night when an Ox disappeared are arrested at the military custody.

Civil society Activist Gabriel Mabor Magar express his fear that if the cows are stolen in governor’s palace, how about his life and the guards, he appeals to the security agencies to fully insure the safety of citizens in the state.

The officials made these remarks to Good News Radio on Tuesday morning in Rumbek.


Source: Good News Radio