Since the coronavirus pandemic started people have been suffering and these are the things we have learnt.

1.It’s always good to save.

It is always a wise decision for people to save even if it is just a few hundred pounds in a day. Since we started experiencing this disease so many people have lost their job and now they are suffering because they did not have a savings account. They have no means of feeding their families.

2. Everyone is the same.

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease that is affecting everyone regardless of your status. This disease has affected both the rich and the poor. From this we have learnt that everyone is the same and we need each other during such times.

3. The only friend we have is our shadow.

Because of this disease, we are strictly to stay at home to avoid its spreading. During these difficult times, the only friend we have is our shadow because it is with us everywhere.

4. Do not depend on only one source of living.

This is so because if one door closes atleast you have another to lean on. Since clubs and bars were closed the musicians who only depended on bars and clubs for their source of livelihood are now suffering. The should learn to also engage in social media for their source of income.

5. For those living in towns, they should not always stay in towns without going to their respective homes to at least focus on farming. They should have something at home like a backyard farm of bamia which can help during such times.