Gone are the days, when South Sudan music gets no airplay on regional TV channels but with advancements in technology, social media, and improved quality in music content from South Sudan, these TV channels are finally getting to see TV-worthy music content from the newest country in Africa.
One of these channels is Trace Mziki, a TV channel devoted to the very best music straight from the heart of East And Central Africa.
Hot in Juba has learned that three talented South Sudanese musicians have made it to Trace’s top chats
These elite South Sudanese musicians are namely – YMO, and Australian base musicians, Beckie Jonez, and Mike Dee.
They have crossed borders and have claimed spots on some of the top chats in East and Central Africa.
YMO, a talented vocalist and rapper had his hit song, Beautiful South Sudan at number three on Africa’s Top 10 hits – a huge stride for a young musician who recently contemplated quitting music.
MIKE DEE who copped Alijoma on his hit song, Yic Thiek Du also was featured on the channel and we have also learned that the song gets played almost daily.
Beckie Johnz, a young songstress, who recently visited East African to do a number of music projects also made it to Trace Mziki. Number of her latest music videos are getting played on repeat on Trace music channel

Trace Mziki features some of the best music content from African and The United States.

Beckie Johnz – Tap (Official Music Video)

Mike Dee – Yic Thiek Du ft. Alijoma (Official Music Video)

YMO – Beautiful South Sudan Official Video