A senior government official alleges in a viral video date Dec’ 2014 that the only reason why South Sudan has problems is only because of SPLM-IO leader, Riek Machar.

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While speaking on national television, Gordon Buay alleged that Riek Machar is the only problem South Sudan has been facing since the ’90s.

“In South Sudan, if you can see in the history of South Sudan. We don’t have any other problem, only Riek Machar,” Gordon said.

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He added that Machar has brought suffering to South Sudanese since the 90s and he continues to use propaganda to cause hate and suffering in the country.

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Gordon alleges that Riek Machar doesn’t want peace, he only wants to be the president.

“Riek doesn’t want peace. So, as South Sudanese, we have to defend the constitution and he has declared that he doesn’t want peace. Riek is fighting for power,” Gordon alleged.