South Sudanese will now get to save money and still read the news. This comes as The Future Newspaper hit Juba streets. The future became the first colored national free-sheet after it started circulation in Juba. The Future is available, at no charge to readers at various distribution points throughout the country.

We are excited to bring this successful international concept of a free-sheet in South Sudan that will enable Junubin nationally have access to quality, authoritative and balanced editorial content while offering advertisers increased circulation and reader value opportunities, said Heavens Shakira, The Future founder.
Free newspapers have been heralded as a wholly new model for the modern newspaper, one which challenges the traditional business model, but which has the potential to re-energies an industry beset with stagnating readership and falling circulation figures in the age of online news content.

“Almost everyone is struggling to make ends meet in South Sudan. It will be unfair for us to put our readers in a position where they faced with whether to buy [news], or buy food, or medicine. That’s why we want the information to reach them at no cost,” says Heavens

The decision to embrace the free-sheet is part of The Future Newspaper plans to grow and change the face of S.Sudan media across their online platforms and print offerings,”

South Sudan is ready for a new way to receive information and entertainment, and we intend to satisfy that need and lead the way on that front, says Mariak Bol, The Future Newspaper managing editor

The Future Newspaper relies on YouReporters, where young people with interest in becoming news writer are given a platform to show their work. “We need to build a culture of reading in South Sudan, and the way to do that is to make the news the public wants for free,” Mariak added.