-By Michael Redline-

It’s just a matter of few months and Riek Machar’s movement will be announced dead before his death (Riek). The SPLA-IO contract has come to an end as the EU, America, and AU became frustrated by the poor management from Riek. According to my source, Riek has been abandoned by soldiers that were enticed with promise of good life after the wished overthrow of President Kiir government.

Riek had lied to Nuer youth that SPLA-IO would take power soon and everyone needed to come closer in order to eat the wealth of the nation with him.

Unfortunately, Riek’s troops that were stationed around Renk have deserted their position. Their motive of desertion is hunger, coupled with new policies from Peter Gatdet who is now enticing them with money to join him.

Majority of them came from abroad. They have realized that Riek is a ‘Markovian’ man whose words do change from bad to worse. Some have went back to abroad and others are still waiting for his return from the US to find out exactly whether the movement has lost its objectives or not.

The movement has been crippled by poor management and greediness by Riek himself and his wife Angelina Teny. No food in the field. Hundreds have starved to death. Few extraordinarily loyal soldiers are now surviving on Monitor Lizard or ‘Marialnyang’ which they hunt for food. Others have literally run to Khartoum as IDPs.

The SPLA-IO was formed as looting and disciplinary movement among themselves as Nuers alone. What will put movement into its knees is the debt Machar has for his treatment that takes place every Month. The Nuers’ plan now is to kill Riek before embarrassing them like he did in 2002 when he left everyone in Khartoum and joined Dr. Garang. This round, either his wife will go back to Juba or him as a dead body.

The rise of Peter Gatdet

Gatdet has been held by President Bashir as his next project after the downfall of Riek-led SPLA-IO which was borne to destabilize South Sudan. Riek and President Bashir fell out because, according to the source, Bashir never had upper hand in Machar’s affairs. This frustrated him.

Riek was in western basket where other African countries cannot fit their fingers in it, which had forced Bashir to open his own rebellion branch through Peter Gatdet Yaak as different movement that will weaken Riek’s.

The Khartoum regime is working day and night on how the Riek’s movement will die in their absence to show him that they are everything to him than westerners.

Peter Gatdet Yaak is now in orientation center in Khartoum. His orientation is based on rebellion tactics and how to overcome challenges when fighting the government of South Sudan. By December this year, Gatdet will launch his militia that will be based in Kosti and Karasana.

Two months ago, Gatdet was taken to Iran for a deal of weapons and ammunitions facilitated by Khartoum. He is also being merged into ISIS to get heavily support from ISIS scholars indirectly to wage war against Christians in the country. As a completely different agenda, itis also seen as project that will destabilize Juba.

In my opinion, Gatdet is not a big issue to government of South Sudan. He is just a small snake which have nonpoisonous unlike Riek. The poison which crippled the party SPLM is Riek Machar, but now president Kiir has got its antidote.


The views expressed here are solely the opinions of the writer. The veracity of any claims made are the responsibility of the writer not Hot in Juba.