This Thursday and coming Saturday a 26-year-old creative fashion designer Flora Albino Olak brings you the most epic fashion event of the year, The Glamour Fashion Walk Week.

The event will be hosted at the one of the most famous clubs in Juba, The Mask tomorrow on Thursday and on Saturday at Nimule Logistics located in Tongping.

Flora Fashion Africa was founded in early 2012 and since then the company has been organizing fashion events locally and as well representing South Sudan at international scenes.

“In 2012 we had the Xmas fashion show which was our first ever event but we also showcased in South Sudan fashion week, then in 2013 there was no show due to the crisis but in 2014 there was a massive come back. We had The Peace and Unity Fashion Show, then in November that same year we were privileged to travel to Bujumbura, Burundi to represent South Sudan at the Burundi International Fashion Night which had almost 19 African countries,’’ the creative fashion designer told HIJ.

Flora will travel to Nigeria soon to represent South Sudan at the Glamour Fashion Week and then travel to Paris, France, the fashion’s capital city for more fashion events.