Uganda People Defense forces have killed two SSPDF soldiers at a contested border in Eastern Equatoria State, the SSPDF spokesperson has said.

Major General Lul Ruai says the incident happened on Tuesday afternoon in Magwi County.

He stated that the officers were killed while investigating a suspicious activity by the UPDF around Pogee village.

“I can confirm to you that there was an incursion into our territory yesterday [Tuesday] at around 1 pm. A mechanized unit for Uganda People Defense Forces entered our territory at Pegee,” Gen Lul said.

“Pogee is a small village at the border with the Republic of Uganda. We have our armed force that was established to keep an eye on our border.”

“The personnel deployed at the post saw unusual movements, going to check out what was happening, a military personal was fired at, and a small force went to rescue their colleague and as a result, they found themselves in a deliberate ambush which led to the killing of two SSPDF soldiers.”

Gen. Lul couldn’t tell us the identity of the soldiers who died in the clashed.

via Eye Radio