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Obama’s Hip Hop song with Pope Francis -Social Media made-up. [Lyrics inside]

Ahmed Lotole- 01/12/2015

Over the past one week, social media has been ablaze with a hyped up rap song by "President Barrack Obama and Pope Francis". The lyrics ... Read More

South Sudanese man who offered 800 cows to marry Obama’s daughter is now looking for contacts

Masura- 25/06/2015

Atak Autiak, is a Junubi with bigger balls! After making headlines weeks back when he offered 800 cows to marry US president's daughter, he is ... Read More

South Sudanese man joins the race of Africans who want to marry Obama’s daughter, offers 800 cows!

Masura- 16/06/2015

If you are a news junkie, chances are that you must have read or watched on your TV the news about a Kenyan lawyer who ... Read More