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SB, Twice B and loads of Kampala artists denied performance at Natty P’s show in Kampala

Masura- 05/23/2016

At any Junubin music concert where ever South Sudanese live around the globe it is common you would find upcoming or even famous artists flocking ... Read More

MC Ghetto, Alijoma denied entry to Natty P’s concert in Kampala

Judas- 05/23/2016

Nairobi based rapper Natty P is one dude who never shy away from causing beefs with other artists. If he is not dissing the likes ... Read More

Natty P attacks Silver X and Cool B

Dexxx- 02/28/2016

Kenyan based rapper, Akoi Paul Akok moniker Natty P and popularly known for his Dinka lyrics bashed Silver X and Cool B, referring to the ... Read More

Musician Natty P warned not to perform in Uganda

Jena Pasa- 10/26/2015

Nairobi based Rapper Natty P is back on the road after short time threats and warning from South Sudanese thugs in Kampala. The alleged thugs ... Read More

Meen Meen of Coozos Clan accuses Radio Miraya of bias

Masura- 04/23/2015

After Nairobi based rapper Natty Pee accused Moro Lokombu of Miraya FM of bias. Another musician has now come out to support Natty's claims. Meen ... Read More