Peace is what every conflict affected ordinary South Sudanese is yearning for right now, no doubt. Hopes were high on 17th August as everybody expected peace deal to be signed between the government and rebels of Riek Machar, but got disappointed when President Salva Kiir declined to sign IGAD’s proposed peace deal.

Now the deteriorating security situation in the country has compelled celebrities like Luol Deng to start an online campaign “We Want Peace” yesterday. Another celeb who is crying for peace in the country is US based supermodel and Emmanuel Jal’s baby mama, Atong Arjok.

Unlike her baby daddy Emmanuel who is accused of funding rebels and preaching hate-speech, Atong is crying out for peace in an artistic way. She recently shared an emotional image of herself apparently shedding tears with the caption “South Sudan this is what you’re doing to your people”.

See the pic below.

Atong Arjok