Rumor had it that Supasta Baby One’s baby mama, Ayen Gregory has gotten married to a millionaire businessman, Makeer Gai who recently founded a bank named Apha Commercial in Juba. The bride price is said to be around 100 – 250 cows.

Ayen is a daughter of SPLA General Gregory Vasili and brother to the First Lady Ayen Mayardit, making her niece to the first family.

Supasta Baby One impregnated Ayen Gregory in 2009 and the none-hit-making musician refused to take responsibility for both the child and the young girl ruining both her studies & relationship with her family.

Since then Ayen has picked up her pieces & raised the child by her own with the help of her mother and of course the rich first family. Baby One who’s said to be 41 or more years old has 5 kids, 3 from his current wife and others coming from different girls. He has managed to get his way around girls with his lavish lifestyle which includes luxurious cars around Juba, Kampala & Nairobi where he currently resides.

He has managed to record 2 hit songs since joining music in the Year 2001. Well Baby One, has missed a piece of cake that the business man will be enjoying now.