It has emerged that the Sudanese military junta who hijacked the Sudanese people’s revolution that led to downfall of Bashir wants to reunite Sudan and South Sudan.

In a 6 million dollars contract signed between a Canadian lobbying firm headed by Ari Ben-Menashe and the “Transitional Military Council” the former states that they shall help: “in the integration of South Sudan with Sudan in the form of a Sudanese union modeled after the European Union and the integration of the marketing of the oil and mineral reserves into a consolidated entity.”

The lobby firm, Dickens and Masson (Canada) Inc., will also pacify USA by securing investment for a joint oil project involving South Sudan and Sudan within 90 days. That way the Americans are not going to oppose the “union” if they have a financial interest according to some analysts.

The agreement on behalf of the Sudanese junta was signed by its Deputy Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo known as “Hemeti” the head of the Janjawed militia.

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