In a precedent that is the first of its kind in Sudan, a Sudanese girl escaped from her father’s house in order to marry a young man she loved, after her father refused and threatened to disown her if she gets married to a young man from South Sudan.

According to the editor of the Niles website, the girl, Ihsan Ahmed Adam Abdullah published this full name with proof of her identity card, a video clip that was widely circulated on various social media platforms, through which she revealed all the details related to her escape from home.

In the video clip, which was filmed on a public street, Ihsan said: I am not kidnapped, as it is rumored, but I left the house with my own free will, and the reason for that is that a young man proposed to me from the house and he was the one whom I chose as my husband and I wanted to continue my life with him, but my family refused.

After my father refused, she went with him to the Sharia court, we got a legal marriage, and she showed the marriage certificate that was issued to her from the Sharia court.

Ihsan continued her speech, which was monitored by the editor of the Al-Neelain website: (I would like to say to every person who thinks that marriage of a virgin without the approval of a guardian is not permissible, I like to tell him that we as Muslims have four schools of thought and the Hanafi school is one of the four schools of thought and this marriage is permitted)

At the conclusion of her speech, the girl, who faced harsh criticism on social networking sites, called on all girls to adhere to their full rights.