This is just a simple guide to you my Junubin men in Juba. Personally, as a fashion stylist, designer and a female, I find a well dressed man so attractive. Now, that doesn’t men everything will be based on your looks but looking the part has it benefits in your day to day life from how people treats you to everything else. Style, how you put yourself together and carry yourself says a lot about you. With that being said, below is what I love about your fashion choice and what needs to STOP..

  1. I love the fact that most of you still take time to iron those pants/shirts so well with the crease line but, those 2 lines aren’t so cute on a t-shirt. On a crisp dress shirt, I understand but it’s not necessary.
  2. Black pants and white shirts. Black and white is classic and staple pieces in everyone’s closet (ladies or gentlemen) but when that’s all you wear, it concerns me. I understand it’s too hot in Juba, but why are you all dressed in white shirts/black pants like you all are going to school? I want to see some colours, perhaps yellow shirts, blue, red, pink on the brave ones and some greens with those black pants.
  3. White Pants. I need to see some of these on the streets sometimes. An all white outfit perhaps. Believe me, I know whites are really hard to handle (but it’s a must in a closet as well) and it’s the one colour that’s really a one time wear thing and then wash.
  4. SUITS. This is a tricky one to alot of you I see, specially some of our politicians but wearing a blazer 2 sizes bigger than your actual sizes isn’t attractive and it just makes you look rather sloppy than well dressed. I understand when you are tall, it’s hard to find a shirt or jacket with a long enough arm to fit you but no matter what the circumstances, clothes shouldn’t be hanging on you or wearing you. You should be the one wearing those clothes and with that being said, there is something call ALTERATION(S) where a seamstress fixes that jacket to fit you proper. Another option, get it CUSTOM MADE so, it fits perfectly (pricey but worth it)
  5. Proper SHOES, this one I have seen a lot and I don’t understand why? Why go through the trouble of ironing, putting on one of your favourite black slacks and your clean crisp shirt then put on sandals? Like what happened along the way? It doesn’t matter if you are going to school or not, proper shoes please.
  6. DRESS SHOES. Whether you are a woman or man reading this, you need at least 2 pairs of dress shoes. A BROWN and BLACK pairs of shoes is a must have in your closet and with that a brown and black belts as well.
  7. A dark wash JEANS. A clean slim fitting jeans (not the baggy gangsta looking ones) in a dark blue or black and why? Because you can dress these one up with a t-shirt and a blazer with one of your dress shoes and walla you look put together and well dressed. Simply it’s a nice alternative to wearing black dress pants everyday.
  8. The 2 Fingernails trend. It just needs to stop. Why does it have to be the last 2 fingernails anyway? Clean cut even fingernails are just as manly but looks cleaner and finished.

Last and not least; Stay fabulous, have fun dressing up (doesn’t make you girly, it just means you care about how you look) but most importantly, stay true to your style and wear everything with confidence. Also, remember to add COLOURS in your wardrobe.


Photo Credit: Instagram page/South Sudan love


By Estella Achola Lokiru (fashion blogger at Hot in Juba)

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