President Salver Kiir has warned soldiers against the unnecessary shootings in Juba city.

Wondering what the soldiers were shooting at, at night President Kiir said there is no need for people to hear gunshots in the night for unclear reasons, a habit which should stop.

He was speaking during the reconciliation prayer Thursday organized by the South Sudan Council of Churches at the State House J-1.

President Kiir said those who shoot guns at night are soldiers and they must stop the act.

“We will stop these behavior with the commanders of police, army, prisons and the national security…(we will) make sure that there is no more gunshots,” Kiir said.

He said that when there were no gunshots in Juba everyone was happy, wondering where the criminals came from.

“It must be the people hiding among us here that do those crimes and I want the citizens to cooperate with the security forces to reveal those people,” Kiir said.

He also promised that by November, the unity governmen