In a rare move, Alijoma wife, Decale Alijoma has surprised netizens in a long post she posted on Facebook after she posted a status asking people to stop calling her.

In a post seen by HIJ, Decale took to social media to express her frustration with people calling her day and night to report on Alijoma.

“Family is very important, I choose my husband knowing that he is an artist before he became this famous. He is well known, he performs both at night and daytime. He is not working, he puts a roof under our heads, he treats us, he clothed us and put food on the table through microphone🎤🎶🎵. Is he not like other men? I am simply fed up of those who waste their airtime calling me only to say that they saw him somewhere with so and so, please I need no more gossips, my family is my family and not yours. ” she posted.

She defends Alijoma, saying that the singer is an entertainer and people should stop “snitching” on him.

“He is an artist to all South Sudanese but he is my husband and a father. He is there to entertain you people out there but he is here to build future for us. It doesn’t matter if you’re a family or friend to me, all I need is peace in my marriage STOP GOSSIPING,” she added.