Stepping on South Sudan flag by South Sudanese protestors has sparked outrage on social media.

The protesters believed to be living in a foreign country, posted images where they are picture stepping on South Sudan flag and chanting anti-government slogans. It’s believed the protesters were protesting against last month’s gruesome killing of three children at their home at Rock City in Juba.

The pictures shared widely, sparked outrage among South Sudanese netizens.

South Sudanese journalist Garang John condemns the act and asks the government to ‘deal’ with the protestors.

“Only an idiot would burn the flag of a nation he calls home. The identities of those degenerates in Washington are well documented and would face the consequences of such act!,” he posted.

Another concerned South Sudanese urges the protestors to respect the country, they call home.

“You may hate President Kiir or his government but not the place you call home,” the post reads.