Below are top 5 estates in Juba known for notorious sharamith…….

Hai Condom

Hai Condom better known as Gumbo located near River Nile happens to be among ’s most shanty estates and I guess the same made it an attractive hub for commercial sëx workers. According to residents of Gumbo, hundreds of commercial sëx workers, mainly foreigners operate just outside their ghetto rooms, with adjacent lodges making the spot even more enticing.

Hong Kong

If there’s something that Hong Kong is renowned for it is the countless number of bars, wines, spirit joints and presence of horny soldiers everywhere. The estate has also been flooded with commercial sëx workers who operate primarily around some of the famous bars and joints in the area.

Suk Muniki

Suk Munuki is one of Juba’s fastest growing estates, and the rise of sëx workers is attributed to the allure of easy money in the area.

Jebel Market

Jebel Market is famous for having the cheapest commercial sëx workers in Juba, I guess by the sound of the name too. The funny thing with jebel’s sharamith is that they like sitting outside their rooms on their trademark stools as they await their clients, or should I say customers?????

New Site

New Site estate, which enjoys relative security because of its close proximity to SPLA headquarters, Bilpham, is now suffering from similar fate too, with most the commercial sëx workers targeting sex-starved soldiers from frontline staying around the estate.