Popular South Sudan Television (SSTV) news anchor Garang John said he was ‘confronted by armed men in Juba on Monday.

The vocal journalist said he was ‘confronted’ and later trailed by armed men as he was driving home from work at the TV station. He identified the registration number of the car used his alleged attackers as CE 650G and urged authorities to investigate who was behind what he termed as confrontation.

“I was confronted at gunpoint by two guys in Juba while heading home after work last night. Security must take action and arrest the owner of White Nissan CE 650 G now.” He said.

Mr. Garang who said had no clue of who was behind the confrontation assured his family and friends that he was not hurt but only his car that broke-down as he was escaping the assailants.

“I don’t know the motive of such confrontation. Maybe it was economically, socially or politically motivated. I am outraged! If you are discontented with South Sudanese government kindly defect instead of bringing your anger to me. My car remains at the road side where it broke down after a hot pursuit with these hooligans as I was trying to escape. It’s good to know that some people are targeting me in this city. You will never escape justice!” He said.

One of the assailants arrested

On Tuesday, the journalist announced that one the suspected assailants was apprehended and detained by the CID. He said he wouldn’t disclose the identity of the suspect for security reasons.

“Justice is taking its course and the motive behind the incident will soon be established. One person is already in the custody at C.I.D HQS in Juba and another one is still at large,” he said.

“The identity of the two guys is withheld for security reasons but it emerged that one of the guys in question is said to be from my own county. Nobody is above the law!” He posted on FB.