Hustle in Juba is one tedious thing to do, with the dust and the heat, a cold “White Bull” beer in the evening supplements the hard times during the day but SSBL is threatening to stop White Bull prodcution and other associated drinks by the company.

South Sudan Beverages Limited (SSBL), a subsidiary of the second biggest beverage company in the world, SABMiller Plc is threatening to shut down due to shortage of raw materials and hard currency.

The company has already started scaling down of staffs and warned it might not continue producing up to December.

The company relies entirely on imported raw materials to produce beer brands including Nile Special, Club Pilsner, White Bull and spirits including Konyagi Gin, Vladmir Vodka, Valeur Brandy and Regency Whisky.

The company complained of problems in getting diesel which it depends on in the production.

SSBL is the only beer producing company in South Sudan. It’s direct employment is at least 300 South Sudanese nationals with indirect beneficiaries of  between 8000 and 10000 South Sudanese.