Kvng Mak is an African Australian hip-hop artist who was set to explode onto the ever-growing Australian Hip Hop Drill Scene.

Mak Muon parents moved to Australia from war-torn Sudan, in search of opportunities and a better life, upon arrival in 2003, Mak was a young 5-year-old in a new world of possibilities. Raised in the heart of Western Sydney. Once he gained a bit of experience he quickly adapted and got into the local rap scene and forged strong bonds and friendships with artist such as Fortay and That Kid Kearve. Due to unforeseen events, on the 24th of September 2020, Mak’s life was taken. Too soon, way too soon. Just as his music was taking off and gaining serious traction all over the Australian Hip Hop scene. Kvng Mak had his mindset and was destined to be being the next big name in the Australian music scene.

Mak was set to storm into 2021 with a fresh new single “Alhamdulillah”.

Kvng Mak’s upcoming release ‘Alhamdulillah’ was set to be his first actually release giving an insight into his cultural background and the struggles that he has been through and overcame.
Bringing this track to life with a perfect mix of catchy, infectious lyrics, but also taking control with his signature street mentality and that African finesse, these bars are hard beyond their years.

Over the top of a hyped-up, but also hard-hitting drill beat, this record is sure to get heads turning across the whole Australian Hip Hop community.

With street-based hip hop continuing to make its rise in popularity across the country, Mak had teamed up with the likes of Level 48 Visuals, Rat Race Media, Mak Studios & some of Sydney’s best visual and musical creators, and was ready to start his take over of the Sydney Rap scene

Mak was certainly making all the right moves to cement himself as a rising star in the Australian Music world. After a tragic incident in late 2020 leading to Kvng Mak’s passing, he is physically no longer with us, although his memory is very much alive.

“Life is short, Music is forever” – Mak Studios

“Just full of life… & always motivated when it came to music… Just like 110%. His drive.. it could work for him & work against him. He was so motivated, if his energy is put in the right direction, he’s gonna do something.. all the way” – Fortay At Large

“Talented… I would say unique. He had something going for him, he was a very unique rapper” – Brothers Official