SPLM-IO has reacted to Kiir’s return to 10 States and three administrative areas.

“SPLM/A IO under the Leadership of Dr. Riek Machar Accepted 10 States and rejected the 3 Administrative areas that President Kiir added,” a statement from IO official said.

The official States that Ruweng Area has no clear boundaries with Unity State which they described as another setback.

According to sources, SPLM-IO wants a return is to former 10 States plus two admin. areas of Pibor and Abyei. –

“Unity gov’t on Feb. 22, 2020, shall only be formed if the issue of the States is completely resolved, security arrangements such as demilitarization of major towns and civilians and training of unified security forces completed and deployment of UNMISS forces done,” SPLM-IO statement reads.

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