Rwandan army officer with rank of Captain was allegedly slapped by an SPLA soldier this week in Juba over the airport control row.

On Sunday a row between the government and the Regional Protection Force under UNMISS reached its highest peak when UN forces were deployed at Juba International Airport, a move government bitterly opposed accusing the UN of trying to invade the sovereign nation of South Sudan.

The controversy led to the government grounding UN planes in the country.

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The UN armored force which drove to airport with their weapons were asked by the SPLA to leave and go back to their government designated base along Yei Road but refused. The standoff led to an SPLA officer slapping the U.N. solider with the rank of captain during an argument.

According to a source who spoke to Hot in Juba, the agitated SPLA soldier was angered by the UN force commander because he asked them to return to Yei Road base shortly after arriving at airport but the UN commander argued that they wanted an order from their boss, The UNMISS Chief David Shearer.

“The argument started when they were told to go back immediately after arriving but the UN soldiers said they would only take orders from UNMISS Chief,” a source told us.

During the argument an SPLA officer slapped a Rwandan soldier who in turn didn’t respond but restrained himself and walked way from the visibly angry SPLA soldier.

The RPF soldiers deployed at airport were later told to withdraw after both government and UNMISS authorities intervened.