By Aleu Mabil
The Jäng (Dinka) and Näädh (Nuer) are the biggest problem in South Sudan and we should acknowledge this to begin with.

Having recently seen the new money-making militia venture in Awiel, those NCP stooges and scumbags, a rational person would acknowledge that, We, the Jäng and Näädh, are the problem. Most of the members of these ethnics are the ones who create bigger problems to solve smaller problems. The two constitute the biggest chunk of South Sudan’s populace, over 60% (2008 Census). The two constitute the biggest number of militias and warlords ever in South Sudan or even in East Afrika minus Somalia. The two are the quickest to resort to violence when aggrieved. The two are the contributors of the most corrupt. The two are most determined to teach the rest of the country that violence is the answer. The list of negativities can go on and on.

Let us not run away from facts my people. We have unashamedly or inadvertently assumed the role of “New Arabs” and “New Northerners” of South Sudan. We are creating new “Southern, Western and Eastern Problems” of our country. We have created “New Arab Elite Groups”, the “New Mahdis” of the South. Those are “Garang’s Boys”, “Salva Kiir’s Boys” and “Riek’s Boys”, Oyee Boys, Viva boys, “Trusteeship Boys”, etc. The BIG difference is that these elite groups ferociously fight among themselves in a struggle to grab power. Power to do what? Just to be Bany or Kuor, that is all.

We fight between ourselves as Jäng Vs Näädh and within each group. Even at the lowest points of our times, we can’t afford to stay away from Jäng-Jäng and Näädh-Näädh deadly fights. So, at the height of the conflict and even when we are victims of the same situation we are seeking an escape from, we fought as Bul-Lou in POC Sites, We fought as Twic-Boor in UN Camp in Uganda, etc. Even when we are now cornered by economic collapse and risks of famine, we are fighting as Apuk-Aguook, we are shopping weapons from North Sudan to fight as in Awiel, etc. Not to mention the looting (it is no longer corruption) by our misleaders, again we are the majority of all South Sudan’s perpetrators in this social evil. Again, our misleaders are behind these deadly conflicts. They engineer or sustain them. You can’t evade these facts except if you are a delusional, irrational piece of human being.

Just imagine, if this size, 60%, was constantly proportional to the positive contribution they make in solving problems of this country as it was in the liberation war (well, this by recognition of facts is your positive contribution albeit with dark spots then and now), that could mean a mammoth progress for our country! And even that contribution is a fact of “power of numbers”, a proportionality to Jäng-Näädh majority, not some type of exceptional might. You can’t expect Aja or Bonggo ethnics to be capturing towns solely as themselves, small as they are. And as we can see that numbers can do might as in the liberation wars, it is high time we saw that this might should be for bright not night dark aspirations.

Now, I am not saying this to moralise on anyone. I do not intend to make holy others who, by their shear acts, are equally worthy of rebuke. Th rest have their misleaders and endemic looters too. They team up with Jäng-Näädh Oyee boys, Viva Boys, Trusteeship Boys, etc boys too. They are now committing ethnic terrorism on innocent civilians under command of their misleaders. Some of whom out of learning from our violence. Others by their shear ethnic hatred and refusal for ethnic coexistence. But, we should recognise that, their number is smaller. So small that if the bigger groups start being conciliatory and positive, they can be dragged into, engulfed and overwhelmed by the positivity of the bigger groups. So, again, it comes back to good use of our respective power in our numbers, small or big.

As we can see, we must acknowledge our mischiefs either way. This is the first start in solving our problems. Start with knowing the problem to find the solution. As Einstein said, we can’t solve the problem at the same level at which we created it. We must jump. Some mad (positively mad) people must jump to some new levels and new ways. We must cease and desist from violence. We need to start this dialogue now, not in the future. We must start, however poor the start, as long as it looks like dialogue, we must give it a trial. That is why ND, poorly initiated as it was, must be given a trial.

President Kiir is not to be trusted anymore, at least not by us the common citizens (divided citizens) who have seen him only appease warlords and quench fire under his presidential seat at the pretext of reconciliation and peace. But soonest, it is business as usual and our poor people die and suffer the carnage of their decisions or in-decisions. Same deadly fights even in his home base. But having relinquished the patronage of ND, President Kiir has shown a good gesture even though he has more at stake to offer. We all, especially we the troublesome Jäng-Näädh, must restore peace and dialogue into our dictionaries. We must sincerely and genuinely dialogue. To do so, angels will not fall from sky to officiate it. It will not come like processed gold and diamond. Each one of us must lower themselves in the mud to get the gold and diamond. Some will clean it and others will process and admire it. At the end of it, everyone should accept their failures whether as Oyee, Viva or Trusteeship, Kiir or Riek. Oyeeism, Vivaism and Trusteeship work no more. That is a fact! Accept it, pave the way for a new beginning and quit. Yes, all of you! That is a fact! Accept it, pave the way for a new beginning and quit. Yes, all of you!

People don’t trust all of you anymore in all your various groups, labels and luring tongues. Citizens are exhausted. I am frustrated. I want to tour my country across and wide. I want to go to Akobo and Ezo without being targeted. I want to travel from Yei to Abyei without fearing for my life. I want to work on progressive ideas for my country, for my community and for my God damn self positively and gracefully. I want to network on developmental projects with my countrymen and countrywomen without being seen in ethnic lenses. I want to explore the beauty of my country, the wildlife in Boma, etc. I want to live and celebrate the beautiful cultural diversity of my country in the countryside and urban. I want to experience once again the hospitality, humility and generosity of our South Sudanese rural people now disappearing under the actions of misleaders. I am tired of bad breaking news! Find me gun-men. I will give you peace and a piece of humanity. I am hu-man. You are hu-man. Yes, you man! Yes you womb-man! DONE!

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