Kajo-Keji County, one of South Sudan’s rich locality will soon boost of a cement factory. The area that is heavily endowed with limestone, a natural resource used for making cement has got its residents eager for a multi-million dollar investment that will soon see unemployment erased and development kicking off.

The project will be run by CEMAC LTD with joint funding from the national, state governments and foreign investors. The investment will gulp over 400 million US dollars from a consortium of foreign investors from Europe and the Middle East. The national and state governments hold 30% of the share from the investment.

The cement deposits are principally found in Kigwo Boma, Kangapo 1 Payam, 19 kilometers from Wudu town. The local people who have been waiting for the opening of the cement extraction plan and factory are growing impatient as the project show signs of a kick-off but nothing seems to be materializing.
Youths in Kajo-Keji have bitterly complained of the delay and claimed that the area has the highest number of unemployed youth in South Sudan. The cement plant project was launched in June 2015 in Kigwo Boma, Kangapo 1 Payam were an estimated 6, 000 people will be employed as soon as the project starts.

via Daily Vision newspaper