South Sudanese youth who gathered in Nairobi, Kenya have rejected IGAD proposal for four vice presidents.

The National Youth Union Chairperson  Dr Albino Bol Dhieu while addressing thousands of South Sudanese youth who attended the occasions in KICC in Nairobi Kenya, accused the IGAD countries for trying to derail peace process by trying to ‘bring down’ the government by creating conditions that cannot allow peace and unity to prevailed in the country.

“The issue of four vice Presidents has never happened in the world’s history of governances for a country to have four vice presidents,” Dr. Albino said in the meeting.

The youth leader also accused the rebel of negotiating in Addis Ababa for position and not peace.

‘The rebels groups are fighting the government for their own interests of getting into power…what is fuelling conflicts in South Sudan is the way rebels after killing South Sudanese are awarded ‘big positions’ in the government,” he added.

DR Albino after the discussions addressed the media and urges South Sudanese youth in diaspora especially in Kenya to united under National agenda and stop supporting people without National agenda, but tribal agenda that will bring back people to wars.

The South Sudanese youth had converged at KICC for the open forum which was organized by Bhar el Ghazal youth unions under chairmanship Amati Maker who invited all south Sudanese regardless of their political or religions to attended the events