Some women from certain tribes in South Sudan, would hold you tight, raise themselves up and give you as you say, oh my Rabuna, sooo sweet, thank you, God. Sweet women in bed are rare to find but in the process of searching for one, don’t overlook these tribes.

Shilluk women are blessed with a sweet and tight thing. They not only are sweet, but they also have looks.

If you aren’t a strong man, you won’t manage the appetite of a Shilluk woman

A Zande lady would shake the things, squeeze your thing in between her hot thighs and ensure your pot is completely emptied. If you make a mistake of dating a Zande lady, you won’t look back.

Even before you take her to bed, you will clearly see she is edible. A Nuer woman would completely disorganize your thinking, making you a zombie while on the game. Everything she says would attract a yes from your side.

These women are never left behind in matters to do with our main subject. They are not only good cooks but also excellent performers in bed.

In bed, you will run the race of your life. The lady will m@an, call you sweet names, squeeze you and make your worst version look excellent.

If you haven’t had time to do a thing with a Dinka woman, please try today. This woman will literarily cook you in bed, making you speak in ‘Dinglish’ every time she takes you to heaven